What We Do

Find, Engage, Connect



When phone calls and letters aren’t enough to meet your engagement goals, Integra is just getting started. We deploy teams of non-clinical Community Coordinators in communities where your members live. This field team finds individuals that health care payers, providers and their business partners are unable to reach, engages them as active partners in their health care, and connects them to appropriate clinical and social services. For the member, our work produces better health outcomes. For the plan and its providers, our work improves quality, revenue, cost and member satisfaction outcomes.

Key features of our foundational core competencies include:


Health plans and providers generally use mail and telephonic campaigns for member engagement. Often, this reaches just 30% of the target audience.

We equip and train our Community Coordinators with techniques and technologies to find your members and patients. Typically, we locate 60% of the individuals others deem ’Unable to Reach’ and achieve success connecting the vast majority of those to the services from which they, their plan, and their providers will benefit.


We succeed in engaging individuals where many others have failed. Up to 80% of individuals we locate agree to engage as partners in their care.

Our Community Coordinators connect with individuals on a personal level, listening to their needs and taking immediate action to address their concerns.


Each member is assigned to one Community Coordinator who is dedicated to connecting that member to the health and social services they need.

Our integrated, concierge approach ensures your members’ needs are met through a single, coordinated plan and a single point of contact.