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What if you could double your outreach success?

Health plans, risk-bearing providers, and other organizations offer wonderful programs to their members and patients, but often struggle to locate and engage individuals. Typical mail and telephonic outreach protocols often connect with just 30% of targeted individuals.

Few organizations have the capability to go beyond such outreach protocols to engage ‘Unable to Reach’ individuals in their own communities. The need to connect with targeted individuals doesn’t go away simply because they could not be located with mail and call campaigns.

Integra ServiceConnect can double your outreach success.

We specialize in community-based outreach and engagement, offering services that connect plans and providers with 40% or more of individuals deemed ‘Unable to Reach.’ There is a reason each individual is targeted for outreach efforts, and we believe those individuals deserve a real chance to benefit from the services and programs available to them. Our clients determine the services to which we connect their members and patients, once we have located them.

For example, once an individual is located, we might connect them to:

  • An HCC vendor to conduct an Annual Wellness Visit
  • An in-network provider to close Care Gaps and improve quality ratings
  • A disease management or case management program to address a patient’s unique needs
  • A primary care physician for ongoing services
  • Other services identified by our clients.

These are just examples of the kinds of connections Integra can make for your members and patients once we locate them. And ALL of them have the potential to improve member and patient outcomes and experience.

Our services are appropriate for many organizations:

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